Little Genius Preparatory School

Little Genius Preparatory School was established in 2006 with the aim of spread education among underprivileged pupil in Mirpur Section 12 area in Dhaka City of Bangladesh. We have started our journey since 2006 by only 45 students from Class Preparatory One (I) to Class Five (V), each and every year the number of students were increasing, as a result now our School is from Preparatory One (I) to Class Nine (IV) and have plan to increase number of classes and sections in near future as per needs.
We have plan to establish a free school only for underprivileged pupil, orphanage and street beggar Kids those who don’t have capability to get education by paying tuition fees.
If any national and international donor wants to donate to establish free school in Bangladesh for spread of education among underprivileged pupil,
please contact :